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Michael Bernard


The focus of this interactive, on-line High Performance Mindset at Work e-learning course (HPMW) is on the mindset of top performers that enable them to constantly go one better and excel. The commitments and behavioural strengths of top performers including their management of tough work situations is essential course content. The course also emphasises the importance of maximising relationships and experiencing good health and wellbeing to successful work performance.

Recent research from the fields of positive psychology and organisational behaviour, brain science, emotional intelligence, rational effectiveness training, resilience including my extensive study, has revealed the core features of the mindset of top performers that enable them to master the challenges, complexities and changes of today’s workplace.

The HPMW course is suitable for individuals working in a wide variety of jobs and organisations with different roles and experiences from recent graduates, employees to those in leadership and management positions. The course is suitable for people working in small or large businesses and not-for-profit organisations including those outside the corporate sector.

You will find the course interesting and informative. I am confident that in further developing your high performance mindset, you will achieve greater job satisfaction, success and go one better.


Michael E. Bernard, Ph.D.
Professor, University of Melbourne (Australia)
Emeritus Professor, California State University Long Beach (USA)

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